April Event Members’ Survey Results

Apr 26, 2012 at 1:00 pm in Feedback by David Bartlett

April’s Cardiff Internet Marketing meeting was our busiest ever and had a real buzz about it. This was the first event since I stepped-in to organise the group and I wanted to poll our members’ opinions on how to make the event much more valuable to us all in the future. Here is a summary of the results:

Connecting small businesses with Internet Marketing experts

We now have a mission, albeit a mission that could needs a more concise statement: In essence, we help small businesses find customers online. It is our goal to bring small businesses and Internet Marketers into the same room for mutual benefit. Note that this is a step-change from the old meetup goal of solely bringing Internet Marketers into the room.

Why the change? Each side has a problem that the other can fix. The small businesses we surveyed wanted to find cost-effective ways to promote their businesses online, find new customers and grow their market share and profits. The Internet Marketers wanted to connect with these small businesses and help them to achieve this. When one side wins, the other side wins too. We like that arrangement.

Member demographics

Our members described themselves as a mix of business owners (selected six times), marketers (five times), technologist (two), a business startup, a salesman, an entrepreneur and a business support consultant. It is noted that our members sometimes selected more than one entry, i.e. a member felt he was both a business owner and a marketer.

A healthy mix of people, to be sure, and a great base from which to grow.

Previous attendance

Only four members surveyed had attended the Cardiff Internet Marketing meeting previously (one once, one twice, one three times, one five times). Most people were new to the room. As the new organiser for this event, the implication that most people who have previously attended do not return sends me a very strong signal that what we were doing before isn’t working. It’s my intention to increase the event’s value such that our members relish the thought of returning.


Unanimously, our members told us that they wanted one or more speakers at our future events to provide the evening with both a theme and a focus:

  • An Internet Marketer to share their knowledge. For instance, their top three things that a small business can do to promote their business.
  • A small business to discuss their current marketing model and challenges, with the intention that the room can help discover some new insights and solutions.

With 100% of our members agreeing that a speaker would add big value, this becomes a focus for me.

Greatest challenges for small businesses and Internet Marketing experts

My suspicions were confirmed:

  • Small businesses want to discover how best to promote their businesses online.
  • Internet Marketers want to find new small businesses to help.

Other challenges included:

  • “increase market share” (business owner)
  • “helping solve non-technical peoples’ issues” (entrepreneur)
  • “semantic web and open data sourcing” (marketer)
  • “learn how to effectively use social media” (business owner)
  • “finding premises to expand” (business startup)
  • “website design” (business startup)

We’ll do our level best to cover these topics in our future meetings.

How often should Cardiff Internet Marketing meet?

Once a month had the majority vote, so that’s what we’re going to do from now on. Details of forthcoming events are first listed on the Cardiff Internet Marketing next event page and then subsequently shared on Twitter, Facebook, Meetup, etc.

Some wanted to meet more frequently, others less so. Nautrally, we encourage our members to meet privately between our events on an ad-hoc basis if they so wish. For those wanting to meet less frequently (because of their geographical location — we had one attendee who came all the way from Cambridge!), we’d encourage you to attend as much or as little as your diary and fuel bill allows.

It’s our aim to provide enough value at each and every event to make our members want to come back every month!

What is the best day and time to meet?

Almost everyone voted to meet in the evening of a weekday, so we’ve decided to meet on the 3rd Monday of every month starting at 18:30 from now on(E. (To the few members that preferred a daytime appointment, please accept my apologies!)

(The only exception to the 3rd Monday of every month, will be our next event in May 2012. We have decided upon Monday 14th May, as unfortunately I cannot make Monday 21st May for personal reasons and the room wanted me to attend the next one to keep up momentum.)

What else would you like to tell us?

I’m going to anonymously quote verbatim here, so that I cannot dilute our members’ views:

  • “Happy to provide a professional service re: Facebook for businesses”
  • “Thank you”
  • “Do we have an online community forum and mailing lists? This would help keep us connected between meetings” (Ed: Yes we do, but it’s current format is going to change. I’ll announce the changes shortly.)
  • “Would like valuable contect every month.”
  • “This is the only group of its kind in South Wales. Keep it alive.”

Thank you for taking part

It’s fair to say that the feedback for our April event has been great, with wide agreement of the event’s potential value and a commitment to return in the future, if possible.

If you took part in the survey; thanks very much, we’ll now work hard to fulfill your requests. If you didn’t make the event or you want to add something further, you still have the opportunity to make yourself heard by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Tony Dowling said on May 8, 2012 Reply

    What a tremendous undertaking. And one that it seems would enjoy some of the articles on my blog, please feel free to check it out.
    Also, I’d be happy to to talk to you guys about some of the issues raised above, either directly or some other format, whatever works!
    Good luck, hope it really goes well for you all

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